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When and Where
  • 6/29/2021
  • This meeting will be a live webinar using Zoom.

This meeting will be held virtually with no in person component and will not be recorded. Instructions on how to view this webinar will be sent to registrants 1-2 days prior to the meeting. If registration is closed or you have any questions, please email knowledgenet@iapp.org.


Austrian Young Privacy Professionals Take the Stage

At this KnowledgeNet young, up-and-coming privacy professionals will take the stage to talk about various topics:

Stefan Knotzer

Limits of Data Processing Privileges in Corporate Research in Light of the FOG. 

The Austrian FOG provides a favorable framework regarding data processing for research purposes, which can also be used by companies. The presentation is dedicated to the scope of the processing privileges of the FOG and examines which opportunities are available for companies. 

Beatrice Blümel

Technical and Organisational Measures – Article 32 GDPR as compulsory law?

Implications of consent on the adequacy of TOMs. Diverging legal opinions of the supervisory authorities.

Jennifer Held

Data Protection in the Employment Context - Remote working from a data protection and labor law perspective

Mobile Work/Home Office & Co - An overview and legal implications. What data protection regulations must be observed in remote working (aspects of employment law and data protection under the new Home Office Act and other legal provisions)

From the practice: Problems of the practical implementation of data protection regulations.  

Christopher Drolz

Ransomware - A criminal hype from a data protection perspective

Obligations to act under data protection law. Technical and organizational measures to prevent and defend against ransomware

Matthias M. Hudobnik

Domains, WHOIS, and the GDPR - An unsolvable complexity?

The general publication of personal information of registered domain names in public WHOIS databases was common practice, but since the GDPR came into force it has become unlawful. How can access to crucial information and protected data in the WHOIS system be ensured and what is the status quo of ICANN’s policy development process?


Stefan Knotzer, Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Donau-Universität Krems

Beatrice Blümel, Associate, Herbst Kinsky Rechtsanwälte

Jennifer Held, Associate, KWR Karasek Wietrzyk Rechtsanwälte 

Christopher Drolz, Associate, Baker McKenzie

Matthias Hudobnik, CIPP/E, Legal Engineer and ALAC Member, ICANN


Alexander Höller, CIPP/E, CIPM, Attorney at Law, KWR Karasek Wietrzyk Rechtsanwälte


This presentation will be in German.


16:00 - 18:00 CEST

Thank you to our local KnowledgeNet Chapter Chairs:

Andreas Zavadil, CIPP/E, CIPM, Jurist, Austrian Data Protection Authority

Michael Pachinger, CIPP/E, Attorney at Law and Partner, SCWP Schindhelm

Georg Huber, CIPP/E, Attorney at Law, Greiter Pegger Kofler & Partner Rechtsanwälte


Special thank you to Young Privacy Professional volunteer, Alexander Höller, CIPP/E, CIPM, Attorney at Law, KWR Karasek Wietrzyk Rechtsanwälte, for helping to support the chapter.

Eligible CPE Credits: 


2.0 CPE

If you have certification questions, please read our cpe policy or e-mail cpe@iapp.org. Credit will be awarded two weeks after date of event.

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