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  • 10/4/2016
  • IAPP web conference service
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Original Broadcast Date: October 4, 2016

Is it an Incident or a Breach? How to Tell and Why it Matters

Cyber-attacks, ransomware, spear phishing, malware, system and process failure, employee mistakes or negligence, lost or stolen devices… the list goes on and on. Your organization’s data is constantly in danger, and if it hasn’t been inappropriately disclosed or accessed yet, then chances are good that it may be at some time in the near future. What privacy and security policies and practices should you implement and enforce? If and when your data is compromised, how do you know and determine your regulatory and contractual obligations to ensure compliance and mitigate your risks?
Join us for this interactive discussion with seasoned data protection experts to hear about how you can determine how to properly label a data loss incident, and what subsequent steps you and your company need to take.

Mahmood Sher-Jan, CHPC, CEO RADAR, Inc.
Holly Towle, Partner, K&L Gates LLP

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